New Podcast with Bird in the Belly

Bird in the Belly are a collective based in Brighton made up of solo artist Jinnwoo (Ben Webb), folk duo Hickory Signals (Laura Ward and Adam Ronchetti), instrumentalist Tom Pryor and visual artist Epha Roe. Together they perform songs and stories that have either never before been recorded or are rarely recorded – all set to contemporary folk music, in the hopes of reintroducing these songs back into the folk canon. The episode is available now!

In this chat with Marisa, Jack and Davy they talked about their craft in how they go about reviving forgotten old songs.

They played at Mill Race Folk on Saturday 13th October 2018 and chose to play Give Me Back My Heart Again for the podcast. It’s a broadside ballad that they discovered in a chapbook on the Bodleian’s digital collections of ballads.

Bird in the Belly’s new album is called The Crowing and is available now. There is also a video of the band performing Give Me Back My Heart Again recorded at Moot Hall in Elstow by Davy Willis.

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