Marisa Jack & Davy


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Bedford based folk trio MarisaJack&Davy formed in 2015 in order to play at the DIY shows and house concerts they were organising. A floor spot for Stick in the Wheel’s folk night on The Golden Hinde encouraged them to further explore British folk music and they were soon seduced by the music of Shirley Collins, The Young Tradition and Nic Jones.

The Sun Rises Bright In France by Marisa Jack and Davy

Marisa Jack & Davy’s unconventional interpretation of the tradition is shaped by the harmonic blend of their three unique voices, playing styles and their music backgrounds. Marisa is also an illustrator, Davy is an artist from Tonbridge via L.A. and Jack, better known as lead singer/songwriter for psych rock band Wolf People.

The trio recorded their new EP, Bring Us In, in Bromham, Bedfordshire. It was released on 1st November 2019.

They continue to host Hey Ho! Folk– cosy and acoustic folk-flavoured events in Bedford. Subscribe to the newsletter to get early bird tickets for Hey Ho! Folk and all the latest news with upcoming events.


Oak and Ash and Thorn by Marisa Jack and Davy

Full of earthly delights and weirdness, these guys have an honest integrity, a plaintive rawness that makes for compelling listening.”

Nicola Kearey (Stick in the Wheel)

“…the clarity, the harmony and the arrangements offer a good picture, full of style and, yes, quirky but good quirky. Now we can hopefully look forward to the full long-player – A must listen.”

Folk Radio UK

“Marisa Jack and Davy are the oak, the ash and thorn of folk music and their new EP Bring Us In is the sound of the dreaming heart of England. This collection is beautifully sung and recorded and The Invisible Folk Club will be playing it on their radio show.“

The Invisible Folk Club

“Marisa Jack & Davy are one of the most exciting and special folk groups performing on the scene at the moment, and that live energy is captured effortlessly on their debut EP. the warm sound nods to the Folk revival Era, but is undoubtedly contemporary and authentic.  Their three strong signature voices are engaging, and are mesmerising in both solo and group performances. “

Ben Webb (Jinnwoo, Bird in the Belly, Green Ribbons)

“…their self-released debut EP offers an eerie and melancholic take on the British folk tradition woven through three-part harmony, fingerstyle guitar,organ drones and percussion “

Fatea Magazine

“‘Bows Of London’ is one of best version of the ‘Two Sisters’ story. Whatever happens, Marisa Jack & Davy should be huge before too long.”